Jennifer has published the following articles in the Elephant Journal.
Published Writings 
My Prayer for all Couples: 5 Ways to be a Conscious Partner
Why my Happiest Me isn’t my Skinniest Me
How to Embody Mindfulness in stressful Matters of the Heart
The following are poems and essays that Jennifer has written over the last twenty plus years.  They are published on her personal blogs:  Surrender to the Mystery and Dance with the Bandage Torn Off.
~”Defiant one that haunts me so” poem from 12-3-2002
~”Stay still my love” poem from 12-18-2002
~”Protected one that burns within” Poem from 12-5-2002
~The Journey from Excruciating Doubt to Unwavering Self Trust 1-28-2016
~Love is Unconditional 9-29-2015
~The Mess….the most humbling teacher of love 3-17-2015
~The joy is in the unfolding, not the end result 3-8-2015
~This moment is the perfect formation of stillness 3-7-2015
~There is no final destination, there is only This and ever more 1-4-2015
~The Deepest Intelligence is Found in the Mess 1-3-2015
~Your Heart Is The Way 2-1-2014
~The True Gift of Relationship 1-31-2014
~Slowing Down To Enjoy The Richness 1-23-2014
~Embracing Vulnerability In Your Intimate Partnership 1-22-2014
~Communing With The Sacred In Everyday Living 9-17-2013
~Awakening To The Heart Of My Own Being 8-19-2013
~Falling Below The Noise During A Heated Argument 7-25-2013
~Conscious Partnership – Listen To Your Body 7-18-2013
~Seeing The Beauty That Stands Before Us 7-16-2013
~The Sacredness Of Conscious Partnership 7-10-2013
~Being Is Not Afraid To Feel Any Of It…7-10-2013
~Beauty shines through 4-20-2013
~Awakening beyond fear or no fear 1-26-2013
~You can never attain happiness through circumstances, you can only BE Happy! 1-6-2013
~Trust and stay right here 7-27-2011
~Love is the Source of everything 7-9-2011
~Living as the rawness of life 7-1-2011
~The Guru is Within 6-25-2011