About Jennifer Byrd Rubacky

Jennifer is a conscious relationship coach and spiritual therapist. She is also a wife, mom, writer and lover of sacred poetry. She offers spiritual support, guidance and wisdom based on her own direct realization of non-separation and the abiding mystery in which we are all arising. She is not affiliated with any religious organization and welcomes all religions and paths into her company as she points to the heart of who we really are. Her greatest joy is helping others to use their life challenges and difficulties into awakening to their true nature. Jennifer has practiced in a number of spiritual traditions, such as Advaita, and other non-dual teachings, as well as devotional and tantric traditions of India. She studied Transpersonal and Somatic Psychology from John F. Kennedy University and is a certified practitioner in holistic health, mindfulness, meditation and reiki.

In addition, Jennifer has written and published several spiritual articles in the Elephant Journal and is currently writing a book to help support the transformation of human consciousness into a more heart opened, connected and awakened humanity.  She is a proud mother of a young daughter and lives with her husband, Chris in Trumansburg, NY.   

Jennifer’s awakening journey…

Jennifer began questioning the nature of existence as a young child.  Very early on, she remembers not being able to shake the thoughts about life and death and why she was here.  This led her into a deep existential crisis that she faced head on once she met her former spiritual teacher, Satya’Ama Adyota in 2001.  Driven by her relentless desire to know what was true she spent the next decade living in an ashram (a spiritual community) immersed in Satya’Ama’s spiritual yogic practices and disciplines, which were derived from Advaita Vedanta, Zen Buddhism, Tantra and other non-dual teachings.  Jennifer went through many spiritual transformations during this time period and eventually began to teach others what she had understood.

While her time with her teacher was profoundly helpful, her greatest freedom came after leaving the ashram and the work she had been so intimately engaged in.  After returning to the ordinariness of life, Jennifer kept relaxing into her present experience and let herself simply be.  She didn’t need to push anything away or look to find anything. She sat with open eyes, as the mess, chaos and darkness itself and was left with a simple knowing: that she was completely whole within and as the brokenness. She immediately felt a relaxation occur deep within her being and the seeking to be something other than what she simply is had subsided and has never returned. Even while she experiences resistance, anger, self-consciousness and all the distasteful waves of being, she no longer feels like they shouldn’t be happening on a fundamental level. She no longer experiences herself separate from these waves, nor is she trying to get rid of them as a means to define herself in any way. This has given Jennifer a deep trust in the blood and guts of life and naturally allows for the deepening to occur with more grace and ease.

Today she shares this deeply embodied wisdom with anyone drawn to her expression and work.   

Please note that while Jennifer trained in somatic and transpersonal psychology, the work she offers is not psychotherapy. 

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About Chris Rubacky

I am a long time student of meditation, relationships, inter-personal awareness, “emotional and spiritual growth,” and healthier, open, vulnerable communication.

In my mid-twenties to early thirties, I made my living as a trainer in mediation, conflict resolution, collaborative negotiations, “anger management,” and emotional literacy, which I have taught in both jails and schools nationwide.  At that time in my life, I was undoubtedly teaching what I most needed to learn.  After eventually hitting an internal wall with these techniques and with what had become an entirely fruitless tenth year in ongoing psychotherapy, I began studying with an awakened spiritual teacher, Satya’Ama Adyota.  Satya’Ama’s teaching were radical, demanding, and fundamentally helpful.  They were as challenging to abide by as they were profound and life-affirming.  I lived in the spiritual community that surrounded her in Northern California for ten years. I became deeply involved in the life of our spiritual community (Sangha) while living in service to  Satya’Ama, the community and our Ashram.

Gradually, I came to understand that my desire to study “self-improvement” and inter-personal awareness came not only from a deep sense of suffering, but from fundamental misunderstanding.  This intense suffering, which first reared it’s head a few years after my father died unexpectedly of a heart attack during my sophomore year in high school, also arose from the error of seeing myself exclusively as a separate being. Satya’Ama’s teaching was a well-spring of essential life principles for happiness.  I was steered toward fundamental practices like Tai Chi, breathing exercises and relaxing tension as much as possible, even as I participated in the ordinary or even extreme demands life offers.

Although I can now look back upon periods of great suffering and hard-earned life lessons with great compassion, I was also greatly served by being utterly intense about placing personal understanding as my highest priority in life, come what may. Despite this orientation, and perhaps because Satya’Ama helped me see the inherent futility of any and all strategic efforts to improve or even fix myself once and for all, I turned my primary enquiry to meditation. For me, meditation meant both the specific act of sitting down for thirty to sixty minutes each day, as well as the greater call to stillness in all aspects of ordinary life: work, sex, relationships, finances, even eating.

I left the Sangha of Satya’Ama in late 2009 to explore personal awakening and spiritual life on my own terms. Since that time, my wife Jennifer’s immense wisdom and the gift of raising my amazing daughter Gabriella with Jennifer have undoubtedly been my greatest teachers. The teachings of both Eckhart Tolle, Saniel and Linda Bonder, and Da Free John/Adi Da Samraj have also been deeply helpful.

Although I now offer my mediation services to people struggling in ordinary and problematic disputes, a problem-solving orientation to life is no longer the fundamental stance that motivates me.

My deepest call is to simply live as openly and honestly as possible as an inseparable part of life’s unending mystery, and to help people embody deeper levels of personal understanding, not simply for our own personal benefit, but held in the undeniable and inherently connected balance of the Great Mystery.

My wife Jennifer and I have been working with couples together since 2014.  Our intention has been to help men and women who struggle particularly with intimacy and relationship, as well as personal vulnerability, self-understanding, or overwhelming feelings of anger, grief, inadequacy and loss. Our intention is to help enquiring adults live a life of greater happiness, even profound joy and bliss.

In my spare time, I enjoy hiking the gorges of Ithaca, New York, where I live with my incredible wife Jennifer and amazingly fun and spunky daughter, Gabriella.

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