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Heart Wisdom Designs was born out of Jennifer’s love for sharing the way she sees the world through her photographs, card making, poetry and writings.  She fell in love with photography during her senior year of high school, when she took a class in developing black and white film and had one of her photos featured in the Literary Magazine.  She has been taking photographs ever since and is moved by her love of nature and its endless, wonderous beauty.  Jennifer moved to Ithaca, NY in June 2017 with her husband, Chris to raise their daughter closer to her family. They settled in the Fall Creek neighborhood, just blocks from Cascadilla Falls. She was immediately taken by the majesty of the region and began capturing it on daily walks. At that time, Jennifer shared her photos on Instagram where she would post a picture, along with a meditative quote that came to her while on her walks. In 2022, she started making greeting cards as a way to contribute something meaningful to the local community and share what moves her so deeply. 

Jennifer has been passionate about writing ever since she was a child.  She writes about her own life experiences and how facing difficulty has been the greatest teacher.  Jennifer brings her readers on a vulnerable and transformative journey.   She inspires them to use their own life challenges and difficulties as a portal into remembering the deepest part of who they are.   To discover that the truth of our existence is much greater than what we can possibly imagine. 

Jennifer has published several articles in the Elephant Journal and is currently writing a book to help support the transformation of human consciousness into a more heart opened, connected and awakened world. 

Jennifer is excited to serve the local community and beyond through her photographs, greeting cards and writings.   Currently her work is being sold at Sundrees in Trumansburg, NY and Ithacamade in Ithaca, NY.