Teaching and Coaching Sessions for Couples

“Relationships don’t cause pain and unhappiness, they bring out the pain and unhappiness that is already in you.”    ~Eckhart Tolle

When we can begin to look at our relationships as a vehicle for personal and spiritual growth, life becomes an invitation to awaken and open our hearts so that we can experience a deep union with not only our intimate partners, but all of life.

I offer these sessions with my husband, Chris. Married in 2005, we have been practicing meditation and mindfulness together for close to two decades and enjoy sharing our experience, wisdom and heart in service to individuals, other couples and fellow parents.

In our work with couples we will support you in using the difficulties in your relationship as a direct portal into deeper intimacy and connection with yourself and therefore each other.  We will help you to learn how to relate with more vulnerability and realness.

We coach and model vulnerable communication and emphasize the importance of deep listening with one another.  We also teach meditation practices, mindfulness, somatic awareness and simple movement games to help you explore the possibility of experiencing  more joy and connection with one another, as well as finding a common ground as you work through difficult emotions. 

Our work with couples is very effective if you are interested in using your relationship as a spiritual practice – a way to grow beyond unhealthy patterns and open in love together to a deeper connection.

Cost of Session: $125.00 (sessions run 60-75 minutes long – sliding scale and package savings sessions are available as needed).